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Very Narrow-Aisle Turret Trucks
Crown has manufactured an innovate line of heavy-duty turret trucks in the industry. The company has established a new level of standard. Crown has developed the fastest travel speeds as well as the fastest lift speeds. They have transformed the most solid mast in the business. Their mast reaches all the way up to 675". Additionally, Crown has introduced energy-saving regenerative braking and lowering systems.

TSP Series: Setting a New Standard in Turret Forklifts
To be able to make the most of cube utilization, businesses have to look for and integrate efficient solutions. This is vital when warehouse space is at a premium and the throughput does not want to be compromised.

The TSP Series made by Crown is a series of turret forklifts which allow you to take complete advantage of very narrow aisles and enable more pallet positions. These forklifts are able to increase you storage space by about 31 percent. The TSP Series turret trucks are designed and manufactured to be able to maneuver both tight and high spaces with better control. This improves overall productivity that offers more efficient energy use and provides faster cycle speeds.

TSP 6000 Very Narrow-Aisle Lift Truck
Designed for extreme stability, Crown's MonoLift features a boxed-in design which will protect the cylinder from damage and give the operator better visibility. The TSP 6000 features a massive AC traction motor, a heavy-duty 48-volt electrical system, and an intelligent braking system. These additions were made for performance.

The TSP 6500 Series is a turret forklift which provides extreme versatility. This model is able to handle a huge range of warehousing challenges, especially full pallet handling and case picking. Some of the features within the industry like the MonoLift mast and MoveControl are exclusively offered by Crown. Furthermore, the regenerative lowering and braking systems give you the edge to accomplish more while using more energy overall.

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Forklift Parts
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